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Andrew Carter, MD and Brenda Martin, MD, are dedicated to excellence in obstetrical and gynecological care.

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Shea Women’s Care will be welcoming Dr. Sara Giali to our practice on June 15, 2021. She has been practicing in the Valley for 15 years. She has been a colleague of our physicians at Honor Health Shea and focuses her practice on obstetrics. We believe Dr. Giali’s obstetrical experience and kind demeanor will be an excellent fit for Shea Women’s Care. We have attached her profile for your review.

Nancy Jorgensen has retired from the practice as of December 29, 2020.

New Covid policy effective 4/5/2021

We are now allowing (1) person to attend the ultrasound visit. No one under 16 years old please.

For all regular appointments for OB checks no ultrasound scheduled. Only the patient can attend this visit.

We will allow a newborn infant to the post-partum visit. No other persons can join (including additional children or spouse ).

At this time for all gynecological visits, we are not allowing any visitors.

*All patients will be contacted before each appointment to inquire if they have experienced fever, cough, or upper respiratory symptoms. Patients with these symptoms will be asked to speak to the medical assistant. Please do not present with fever or respiratory symptoms to our office! The outpatient setting does not have isolation rooms and the protective personal equipment that an emergency room or hospital does.

We greatly appreciate everyone's understanding as we work to provide prenatal care and provide as much social distancing as possible. Pandemics do not stop babies from being born; we must balance staying open and keeping everyone safe.


Dr. Martin and Dr. Carter

Shea Women's Care has made investments in technology and training to provide telemedicine visits as of 3/23/2020. This is the socially responsible way to provide most non urgent visits at this time.

We will submit a claim to your insurance for a telemedicine visit. Given the circumstances with COVID-19, insurance benefits for this service may be rapidly changing. It is not possible for us to contact each insurance company to check benefits for each service. As the patient, you certainly could reach out to your insurance carrier if you wish to determine if you have telemedicine benefits.

If we learn that telemedicine is NOT a covered benefit when our claim is returned, please contact our office for estimated prices for self pay. If your insurance company does cover telemedicine, there may be cost sharing involved - your co pay or deductible. Again, you can contact your insurance carrier to determine if this applies to you.

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A Portal is not available at this time.


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