Pregnancy Care

At Shea Women’s Care,  the physician-patient relationship is of the utmost importance. You will see the same physician throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

First trimester

Visits are typically at one-month intervals and are designed to establish a groundwork of expectations and pregnancy guidelines. This is a time when ultrasound and specific genetic testing may be helpful. Ideally, patients should contact us as soon as they learn of their pregnancy so that we can establish a due date and begin your doctor-patient relationship.

Second trimester

Care is focused on the growth and maturation of your baby, as well as optional screening tests that may be important to women above the age of 30. We have an onsite trained sonographer and can provide you with photos and DVD images of your baby.

Third trimester

Visits are more frequent due to the need to more closely monitor fetal growth and maternal health, and identify potential complications that may require special attention.

The Delivery

Dr. Carter and Dr. Giali deliver at Scottsdale Healthcare’s Shea campus. The facility has experienced staff whose mission is to provide you with a safe and skilled birth experience. Whether you plan a natural birth or require a medically indicated cesarean delivery, we want to hear your concerns and focus on creating a safe environment to welcome your new baby.

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